We all know that the results of collaborative working allows for increased Performance all around. We strive to meet our work goals and adhere to strict timelines. While the Project Management team focuses on performing, The installation team strives for efficient and safe installation practices. With the end results, our products performance testing to be top notch and exceeds the criterias set out by code and elevator consultants.

Engineering & Software

Our innovative product designs utilize leading edge software and technologies combined with world class engineering excellence. We have the flexibility to engineer and manufacture just about any customized elevator system. We offer a complete line of standard machine roomless, traction, hydraulic and freight elevator packages. Our reputation for producing quality elevator products is unsurpassed.


Modern Elevator has developed a unique and efficient manufacturing facility with specialized metal fabrication equipment, including a laser, punch press and high precision press brake. This equipment allow us to produce a quality product, ensuring accurate installation and assembly. Our goal is to stay ahead of new manufacturing technologies. Striving and developing new manufacturing practices to ensure our accelerated lead times, do not impact quality product. We design and manufacture safe, durable products that are backed by our engineering, manufacturing, and field experience expertise.

Project Management

Our team of experienced professionals guide you through the entire planning, approval, and installation process. We ensure that your elevator installation is completed on schedule, and delivered with the safety, reliability and ride quality you expect. We bring years of experience to your building management team, providing advice and contractor management support to bring each project to a successful completion.





New Construction

New construction projects start with a serious outlook to schedule, communication, project management and ultimately safety. Our experienced installation team focuses on the fundamentals, preparation and adheres to strict installation practices. Our goal is to manage this project successfully, install in an efficient manner and to have the elevator system running optimally, striving for the best ride quality.


With careful planning, modernizing an elevator can be a strategic capital investment instead of an emergency situation. Repetitive repairs and constant shutdowns are just a few of the warning signs that it is time to modernize. Upgrading existing equipment is the best way to incorporate the newest advances in passenger safety, efficiency, and reliability. Modernization improves elevator comfort, performance, passenger safety, and aesthetics - all good business decisions for your real estate investment.


When your elevator system is running smoothly it is still important to perform maintenance to keep an elevator running safely. All elevator systems will require repair at some point, but the key to preventing major repairs and emergencies is a good maintenance plan. Maintenance is always less expensive than an emergency elevator repair. Our experienced mechanics stay up to date on the latest technologies through con­tinued education and training so they are able to maintain and repair all elevator ages, models and categories.

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