Modern Elevator's innovative team, designs, manufactures, installs and maintains elevator systems. Our strong capability of "Reverse Engineering" defines the strategy that separates us from our competitors. Our proven ability to provide custom elevators into standard shafts, stands us apart. Focusing on elevators that are required to suit the buildings architectural design.


Modern Elevator's Mission is to provide innovative solutions. We are evolving the way elevators are designed and improving the experience the end user will have in all aspects of ride quality, and safety.


Modern Elevator’s Vision is to maintain our excellent reputation, which is based on loyalty, integrity and honesty. We strive to be the top manufacturer that offers a product designed to accommodate every aspect in the elevator installation and maintenance industry. We do not worry about becoming the biggest but, rather, focus on being the best.


Jeff Brown
Mahyar Pedram
Vice President of Operations
Nikki Brown
V.P. Finance & Administration
Jim Brown
General Manager
Jim Wang
Maggie Wang
Taylor Harthun
Production Team, Welder, EDM-T
Alex Simpson
President, Empire Elevator, EDM-A
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