Taylor Harthun

Production Team, Welder, EDM-T

CWB Certified Welder, EDM-T Licensed


Previous Work Experiences: 2 years as a Hospital Security guard; 2 years Self employed Contractor/Landscaper

7 years experience at Modern Elevator in the manufacturing and Installation of elevating devices

Mission: To provide the highest level of quality products in the elevator Industry

Vision: Continually improve our products until we are unrivalled by our competitors; quality and price!

Famous Quote: “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight” Sun Tzu, An ancient Chinese General, strategist and philosopher

Most important accomplishments in Life are being a Father to 2 Beautiful Children, and running a 50 km race in 4.5 hours

Favorite projects I have worked on were a Giant Platform with a 20,000LB capacity, as well as the Elevators for the Pan Am Games